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The Statistics Expert Group was convened at the request of the Infected Blood Inquiry to provide estimates of the number of infections and deaths from bloodborne infections including hepatitis B virus; human immunodeficiency virus; hepatitis C virus (HCV) and variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, as a direct result of contaminated blood and blood products administered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK). In the absence of databases of HCV infections and related deaths for all nations of the UK, a statistical model was required to estimate the number of infections and subsequent deaths from HCV acquired from blood transfusions throughout January 1970 – August 1991. We present this statistical model in detail alongside the results of its application to each of the four nations in the UK. We estimated that 26,800 people (95% uncertainty interval 21,300 – 38,800) throughout the UK were chronically infected with HCV because of contaminated blood transfusions between January 1970 and August 1991. The number of deaths up to the end of 2019 that occurred as a result of this chronic infection is estimated to be 1,820 (95% uncertainty interval 650 – 3,320).


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Royal Society Open Science


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