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Building on years of trusted global reach, the University of Oxford works with local communities, hospitals, governments and partners to disseminate knowledge widely and effectively. We believe in equitable global research, open access to tools and protocols and a robust ethical framework and expertise.

We partner effectively with other academics, as well as non-government organisations, international organisations including the World Health Organisation and the United Nations, and industry to optimise the impact of our global health research. Some examples of our partnerships are:

The UKRI GCRF Accelerating Achievement for Africa’s Adolescents (Accelerate) Hub works closely with policy makers, non-government organisations and adolescents, and brings together interdisciplinary research teams to promote high-quality evidence to improve the lives of adolescents in resource-limited settings. It generates evidence on which development accelerators – alone and in synergy with each other – can support adolescents in Africa to reach multiple Sustainable Development Goals.

The Global Health Network (TGHN) is a WHO collaborating centre for research information sharing, e-learning, and capacity development. The vision is to build equity in where health research happens, who leads and who benefits .

The Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) is a cross-university platform based at the University of Oxford with the aim of facilitating equitable and sustainable collaborations between researchers based at the University of Oxford and African universities, as well as increasing the number of African students pursuing postgraduate degrees in Oxford.

The Jenner Institute’s vaccine programmes cover a wide range of human and veterinary diseases. Strong links developed with field trial units in the countries where these diseases occur and clinical vaccine manufacturing organisations enhance the impacts arising from their research.