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Parvinder Aley


Director of Global Operations (OVG)

Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for services to vaccination during Covid-19

Parv joined the Oxford Vaccine Group in May 2016.  She has a PhD in Cellular Physiology from the University of Leeds. Subsequently she moved to Oxford where she has worked at the University for the past 16 years, initially as a researcher and subsequently as a Contracts Specialist. She played a pivotal role in the clinical trial operations of the Oxford/AZ COVID vaccine development supporting not only the delivery of the trials in UK, Brazil and South Africa, but working with our partners to ensure market authorisation of the vaccine at a global scale.

As Director of Global Operations, she is responsible responsible for the strategic oversight and direction of activity for the Oxford Vaccine Group, with the aim to facilitate research on the development and implementation of vaccines. The role extends to national and international representation the University’s research mission with funders, industry, Governments and policymaker, working closely with collaborators on 5 continents involving more than 1000 researchers, and coordinates considerable logistical operations globally