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The NIHR are pleased to launch the Global Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) Projects that will meet the aims and ambitions set out in the following documents.

In order to apply, you will need to carefully review the:

Please note that this will be a two-stage application.

Through this call, awards of up to £800,000 maximum for a period of up to 3 years are available for eligible research.

Global HPSR Projects should have clearly defined questions which specifically target an identified health policy and/or system(s) challenge or evidence gap. Projects should then set out how the outcome of the research will benefit vulnerable populations in LMICs (on the DAC list).

Projects must include plans to involve relevant communities and stakeholders at all stages to ensure that research objectives address their needs. In addition to this, HPSR Projects must support career development for research leaders of the future, as well as new entrants to Global Health Policy and Systems Research.

Research applications can have two Joint Leads who must be from different organisations (LMIC-LMIC or LMIC-UK, contracting organisation can be LMIC or UK), or Sole Lead (must be employed at LMIC organisation).

We will not accept the same or substantially similar applications across multiple NIHR Global Health Research calls. However, we will accept applications from the same or similar teams across more than one NIHR Global Health Research call where the aims and research proposals are substantially different. Please refer to the guidance on submitting applications to more than one Global Health Research programme call. For more information, please email


The NIHR held a webinar on 26 March 2024 to support applications to this funding opportunity. You can watch a recording of this webinar

Global HPSR programme background

The Global HPSR Programme funds research to improve access to appropriate and affordable health services in ODA-eligible countries on the DAC list, aligned with the aims of Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goal 3. This is achieved through development of equitable partnerships between LMIC and UK research institutions where relevant, engagement of stakeholders to identify and address priorities for research in health policy and health systems, and by supporting capacity strengthening and knowledge sharing.


Global Health Policy and Systems Research